Ridgeline Broadcast Services, LLC

Antenna and Tower Services

Dan has experience in tower work going back to 1973 with some television translator antenna replacements and a paint job on a little Rohn #25 tower of  120 feet. Since then he has worked on all sizes and types of towers and trained some younger men including son Ben who is now a full member of Ridgeline Broadcast Services. We have experience with these services:
  • Antenna and feed line installation  examples
  • Microwave dish and waveguide installation, all sizes  examples
  • Expert coax and waveguide connector installation, all flange sizes  additional information
  • Custom rigid line RF plumbing, inside and on tower, silver brazed field flanges
  • Design and fabrication of custom antenna mounting brackets for unusual situations, hot dip galvanized  examples
  • Design and fabrication of  custom ice shields for unusual situations, hot dip galvanized
  • Repair bullet, lightning, or arcing holes in coax runs without taking down coax   examples
  • Locate rigid line bullet burnouts electronically and make repairs  examples
  • Tower cleaning and painting  examples
  • Tower plumb and guy tension checks and adjustments
  • AM tower ground radial systems

  • We have a winch with 2000 feet of  line rated at 7700 pounds minimum breaking strength and equipped with precision speed control, automatic primary and manual backup brakes for safety, line tension meter, and automatic stop if a programmable preset line tension is exceeded.