Ridgeline Broadcast Services, LLC

Antenna Installations

Some of the antenna systems we installed over the years (Click on pictures for larger images).

We removed a TV low band batwing antenna array from this large mast  and mounted a UHF TV slot antenna in its place. The antenna was attached with chain mounts which encircle the mast. Three  quadrants of the batwing antenna were still in place for this phase of the job and were used for climbing. They were later removed and a small climbing ladder was installed for access to a high band batwing array and the beacon above.

We instaled this ERI FM transmitting antenna and its associated feed lines. The upper and lower halves of this 6 bay array are separately center fed, so there are a lot of power dividers and tuned sections of rigid  coax involved.

This is another installation where we removed the VHF TV high band batwing antennas from a mast and mounted a 3 bay FM transmitting array. The stainless steel rods mounted on the mast produce a directional radiation pattern. In this case, one of the quadrants of the old batwing array was left in place as a climbing ladder. The array is mounted at the top of the more distant tower.

This is a television translator system we put together at an "off grid" site. It has a 160 foot tower with some TV low band and high band antennas  as well as a Southwest Wind Power "Whisper 200" wind turbine on top. The 1000 watt wind turbine compliments  960 watts of photovoltaic power and an Onan propane fueled backup generator to keep a 24 volt, 440 amp hour battery charged.

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