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Tower Painting

We have experience painting towers from small to very large. Shown below is a 600 foot guyed tower with a 50 foot  pipe sticking out from the top of it upon which is mounted an FM transmitting antenna array. The tower has many coax cables on it which must be primed first with a vinyl/plastic primer to make the paint stick to the polyethylene jackets. It was necessary to go over it twice, once to prime the cables and again to paint everything. We have a spray rig with a self contained power supply which is hoisted up on a winch line.

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Before paintingPainting the top antenna mastFreshly coatedFrom 120 feet up

Below is an array of two identical 300 foot self supporting towers for an AM station. These had to be cleaned first of a thick growth of lichen, moss, and other organic material which grows on towers in the lowlands during damp winter months. For this we use a pressure washer and a very long and very heavy high pressure hose which is hauled up on a winch line. The job was done without shutting down the radio transmitters.

One of the towers before paintingAll done, ropes still hanging downAnother viewDifficult access to the inside steel

Below is a 750 foot guyed tower with a 100 foot tall high band VHF television transmitting antenna on top. The antenna itself had to be painted also and its large diameter precludes reaching the back side from the climbing pegs. This was accessed by rapelling down from the top. The transmitter had to be shut down for this phase to prevent being cooked but the station has a standby transmitting antenna on the shorter tower next to the tall one which we also painted.

Main and standby towersThis is a lot of steel to paintBase of the towerTransmitting antenna before paintingView from the top before painting

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